Every piece of AND I SAID HI jewelry is made with care and love from precious metals, pearls, and gemstones. Following are instructions on how to take care of and clean your jewelry so that they would last for a lifetime. 



  • At the time of purchase, all AND I SAID HI jewelry is wrapped in a protective box and tarnish-resistant pouch bag. Between wearings, we highly recommend that you place it in its original pouch, with each piece in a separate compartment so they don't rub together, or wrap them individually in soft material. 

  • Always protect your jewelry from sharp corners, scratching, and chemicals.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Swimming wearing your jewelry is a bad idea, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals and will erode gold jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing while participating in contact sports or doing housework, gardening, repairs.
  • When you place jewelry near a sink, make sure the drains are plugged or that it's put in a protective manner.
  • Do not remove jewelry by pulling on any of their gemstones. Instead, grasp the metal ring portion. This will help protect the stones from coming loose and getting dirty.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewelry. If possible, put your jewelry on last.
  • Remove your jewelry when shower and prior to bedtime. Excessive perspiration and body oils can sometimes tarnish the piece.
  • Every six months, have a jewelry professional check your jewelry for loose stones or wear on the mounting.


Your jewelry will age and tarnish naturally. To keep your pieces in perfect condition, clean your jewelry regularly. Below is how we recommend you to clean different types of jewelry.


  • The safest way to clean metal jewelry mountings is to rub them with a soft cloth dipped in warm water containing a mild professional cleaning liquid.
  • Avoid using brushes and scouring pads to clean metal such as gold, platinum, and silver, as they can scratch all these metals.
  • Do not use powder cleansers and toothpaste to clean jewelry, as they can also wear away metal.
  • Cleaning gold jewelry is best done with warm water and detergent-free soap. Thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposure to water.
  • Tarnish on silver can be removed by rubbing the silver with a soft, moist cloth dipped in baking soda.  
    • Cleaning pearls is simple. After wearing them, wipe them off with a soft cloth which can be dry or damp. This will prevent the dirt from accumulating and keep perspiration, which is slightly acid, from taking away at the pearl nacre.
    • If the pearls have not been kept clean, they can be washed in water mixed with mild soap and cleaned with a soft cloth. Pay attention to the areas around the drill holes where dirt may tend to collect. 
    • After washing them, lay the pearls flat on a towel to dry.
    • Do not wear pearls when their string is wet, wet strings stretch and attract dirt which is hard to remove.
    • Likewise, do not hang pearls to dry.
    • Do not clean pearls in ultrasonic cleaners or with steam cleaners, ammonia or acidic substances.
      • Regularly wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with warm soapy water. Then dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
      • Gems that aren't damaged by ammonia can be cleaned by spraying them with a window cleaner. If the dirt cannot be washed off with a cloth, have it professionally cleaned.

            ANY QUESTIONS?

            If you have any questions regarding jewelry care and cleaning instructions, please feel free to send us an enquiry via our contact form, or email us at info@andisaidhi.com.