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Pauline Léon Pendant


Pauline Léon Pendant

Pauline Léon (1768 – 1838), was a radical organizer and feminist during the French Revolution.

On 6 March 1792, Léon addressed the Legislative Assembly on behalf of Parisian women, suggesting that a female militia be formed so that women could protect their homes from counter-revolutionary assaults.

Léon was a founder of the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women(Société des Républicaines-Révolutionnaires) and became its president on 9 July 1793.

This pendant hangs proudly on the chest.


18K yellow gold plated silver, 0.099ct onyx agate, 2.501ct white pearl 


Chain length: 44cm, adjustable chain 2/4/6cm
Pendant length: 3.5cm 

Pendant width: 1.4cm


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