As I was getting lost in the neon city lights of Saigon, watching the sunset from the rooftop of Casa Mila in Barcelona and roaming through the antique streets of Prague's Old Town, it was during those moments when I felt most alive. The memories of lavender fields in Tasmania, the soft scent of cherry blossoms in Gothenburg and the sweet melancholy of rainy days in Paris made me realize that life is an adventure and we are here today to live it and enjoy every moment. And I said hi is a story of a brave beginning, a new page in our own life that we decided to share with the world by doing something we love. Just like every story, it starts with a few simple words, a dash of faith and the courage to follow the dream.


I always liked unique jewelry pieces that had something more to them than meets the eye; I collected the pieces that breathed with the spirit of adventure, travel, nature and the beauty of simplicity. In August 2017, I decided to realize my lifelong dream of starting my own business. This is how the idea for And I said hi project was born.
In the process of searching for the style for my collection, I discovered I had a great passion for curating jewelry. It inspired me to create a platform for independent International designers, where they can share their collections with the world and tell stories through their art.


Our team at And I said hi believes in authenticity. Everything we do, everything we are is about being authentic and staying true to ourselves. Authenticity is present in our products, the practices we employ and the materials we use. And I said hi is a creative space for ambitious, timeless, one-of-a-kind jewelry collections made by independent international designers. Every piece is original, thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly and crafted with care. We pride ourselves on high-quality, long-lasting, ethically made products that are simple, classic, yet retain the subtle touch of pure elegance. To us, luxury is more than a status: we think of luxury as an ethical pursuit of excellence, a delicate dance of aesthetics and sustainability. We hope to inspire you to dream big and find your own way to express yourself with our collections.
Founder of AND I SAID HI
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